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How to search for jobs

The Search Jobs menu displays a page that allows you search for jobs. On this page the Job Search Criteria panel lets you specify the sort of jobs you want. Clicking the Search button will display the jobs that match your Job Search Criteria.

Below we explain examples of Keyword queries that can be typed in the keywords field:
  • maths - this will search for jobs containing the word maths. It is the simplest form of a query consisting of just one word.
  • Structural engineer - this will search for jobs that contain both keywords. "Structural and engineer", without the quotes, will do the same thing.
  • Structural or engineer - this will search for jobs that contain any of the keywords.
  • (Structural engineer) or (civil and engineer) or arhitect - this shows how you can use brackets, "and" and "or" to construct a more complex keyword query.

This page also allows browsing jobs by the following categories:
  • Jobs by Industry - this category presents a list of industries indicating the number of jobs available in each industry. Clicking an industry will display a list of all associated jobs.

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